Yvolution Y Glider Review

Yvolution Y Glider ScooterWith the yBike Glider Deluxe Scooter your young child enjoys the freedom of having their own scooter which they can easily steer learning balance and coordination. This is an excellent first scooter. The vibrant wheel inserts and colored deck help kids to express their personality and sense of style. This encourages them to develop a ‘sense of self’ and associate exercise with having fun. The colored parts click out with ease, allowing them to change the look of their scooter whenever they want – and even match their outfit or mood!

Yvolution Y Glider 3 Wheel Scooter

What is good about the yBike Glider Deluxe Scooter

Lightweight and practical design – unique design with two large front wheels, a wide rear wheel, a strong ribbed deck and aluminum frame. The larger wheels let your child ride safely on uneven surfaces.

Easy to steer – kids lean with their bodies to the right or left to steer which causes the two front wheels to turn in the that direction. To stop simply step on the back wheel cover to brake, all the while building skills and self-confidence.

Stylish scooter – available in green and pink colors.

Easy to transport – just remove the aluminum handlebar allows for easy storage and transport.

Pros – well built, 2 large front wheels; solid ribbed deck, easy to steer

yBike glider deluxe scooter

Y Glider Deluxe vs. Regular Scooter.

Y Gliders are a unique three-wheeled design that allows kids to steer by leaning rather than turning the wheel. The natural stability and extra wide deck mean they can glide for longer without worrying about losing their balance. This helps kids to master the essentials such as spatial awareness, coordination and gross motor skills – all while rapidly building confidence ready for moving on to more challenging rides in the future.

YBike Glider Deluxe Scooter Features

  • YBike Glider2 front 12cm PU wheels
  • Wide rear 9cm PU wheel
  • Strong ribbed deck
  • Aluminium frame
  • Assembled size 22″ L x 10.6″ W x 27″ H
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • For ages 3 – 5, maximum weight 20 pounds

What customers say about the yBike Glider Deluxe Scooter

People who have purchased this scooter give it a rating of 4 ½ out of 5. Numerous people commented on the quality construction of this scooter.

This scooter is a hit, very popular, use it all the time are some of the comments about how much the kids themselves love it.

Many also remarked that the wheel bearings are top notch and with just a little push your child is gliding. One reviewer even mentioned that her boy can keep up with bigger kids on razor scooters.

To get started the setup is very easy as you simply snap the handlebars into the pre-assembled base and off they go.

There is a learning curve on getting the child to steer as the wheels do not turn so they need to learn to lean to change direction.

Many reviewers compared the yBike Glider and Mini Kick Scooter and felt they were both excellent scooters, although the yBike has a more sturdier.

The yBike Glider Deluxe Scooter is very affordable beginner scooter for kids over the age of three.

2 comments for “Yvolution Y Glider Review

  1. Amy
    April 10, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    Great first scooter with versatility for older riders. This is a really great scooter, so much so that I bought one for each of my small children. The base is wide enough for small feet to maneuver and it’s sturdy enough for a toddler. It was easy to assemble and rides smooth and with good control. Overall a great product!

  2. Mary Lee
    April 10, 2018 at 1:18 pm

    Sturdy I purchased this for my Grandson and he loves it !

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