Buying a Scooter for Kids

Buying a Scooter for Kids

Key Consideration

Kids Scooters are very popular these days and it is all about the entertainment and having fun rides around the local park or your neighborhood. Of course having the coolest kid’s scooter around is important as you want bragging rights too. If you do plan to buy one there a few things to look for if you want your own scooter.

Age of rider

What age is the scooter designed for as some are meant for youngsters, others for teens and some models can be used by adults as well although people frequently ignore the minimum recommended ages for this machines. But sure to check out the maximum weight the scooter can hold as well. The height of the handlebar may also be a consideration depending on the design.


They can be constructed from a variety of materials so check out how sturdy the scooter is as they can be expected to experience a lot of wear and tear along the streets during their lifetime.

Picking scooters for youngsters


Now about the steering, how is the scooter maneuvered as for some models all you need to do is simply twist and be propelled with a twisting deck, others are self propelled while other models have an small electric motor.

Electric scooters

If getting an electric scooter be aware of any local laws regarding helmets and where you may or may not be permitted to ride. Also check on the top speed the scooter can travel and does it come with a long life rechargeable battery so the child if not stranded somewhere. Some electric scooters also include a handy kickstand.


Whatever type you are looking at do they have big inflatable tires for a smooth ride and to get over the inevitable bumps along the road or do they have small tires built for speed. Regarding speed are there real brakes or how does the scooter stop as for each type it really varies.

Ease of transport

If the scooter is for a small child you want to be able to easily pick it up and carry it as required. Some are easy to fold and store or place into a car.

Additional features

Perhaps not high on your list of important considerations but really important to any child is what color the scooter is. Many models offer a wide variety of colors. Also there can be additional accessories such as spark bars.

Some scooters also are available with removable seats.

There are kids scooters available for all ages from youngsters to teens so carefully look over the options so they will have a safe and fun time.

Purchasing scooters for kids

Listed below are some different types of the top selling models:

  • Mini Kick Scooter is for ages 3 to 5. This lightweight scooter offers a lean and steer method and makes a great first kids scooter.
  • Razor A Lux Scooter is designed for age 8 or older. However it is used by children as young as age five as well as adults too. This is a very traditional type of self propelled kids scooter.
  • Razor Siege Caster Scooter is also for age 8 or older and offers a twisting deck to propel you forward. Having no brakes does not appear to be an issue with the users.
  • Kent Super Scooter looks more like a bicycle and is designed for kids aged 8 or older with a real set of brakes.
  • Razor E200 Electric Scooter travels up to 12 mph and is recommended for ages 12 or older.
Buying Scooters for Toddlers

Again things to consider when purchasing your kids scooter

  • Recommended minimum age and weight
  • Sturdy construction as the kids tend to really work the scooters including the tires
  • Steering, stopping (brakes) and how maneuvered
  • If electric how fast does it travel and is a rechargeable battery included
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Weight of the kids scooter

There are kids scooters available for all ages from youngsters to teens so carefully look over the options so everyone will have a safe and fun time.

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